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The Journals of Spiritual Discovery is a spiritual podcast featuring in-depth, insightful interviews with spiritual teachers.  Here, you will only find the best interviews with spiritual teachers, as I explore what we can learn and apply from their life stories and spiritual awakenings.

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Show Notes, Links, and Resources for All Episodes

Below are all the spiritual podcast shows, listed from newest to oldest!

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Episode 37, The Induction Series #7: To Think of Time by Walt Whitman

Episode 36, The Induction Series #6: Spiritual Poetry: Seeker and Finder – a short reading from the book Beyond Mind, Beyond Death featuring heartfelt poems from a seeker and a finder.

Episode 35, The Induction Series #5: The Realization of Nisargadatta Maharaj – Nisargadatta describing his spiritual realization

Episode 34, The Induction Series #4: The Penny the Blots out the Sun by Alfred Pulyan

Episode 33, The Induction Series #3: William Samuel and The World is After the Fact

Episode 32, The Induction Series #2: Bernadette Roberts on “How it Works” – a dive into the Unmanifested

Episode 31, The Induction Series #1: “Transmission” by Bart Marshall

Episode 30: Exploring our deepest assumptions through the  The Lecture of Questions

Episode 29: Pat “the barber” Crowley and the power of intuitive intelligence

Episode 28: The essence of confrontation with Art Ticknor

Episode 27: Out of Darkness with John E. Davis.

Episode 26: Joel Morwood and the Center for Sacred Sciences

Episode 25: Bob Fergeson and the Listening Attention

Episode 24: Opening to Intuition: Dr. Richard Howlin discusses Joseph Sadony

Episode 23: The Hermit at Heart: Maury Lee

Episode 22: Falling For Truth with Howdie Mickoski.

Episode 21: Deeper Than That with Jac O’Keeffe.

Episode 20: Ultimate Between-ness with Bart Marshall

Episode 19: Eshwar Segobind‘s fast path to awakening.

Episode 18: A guided meditation based on the play Our Town.

Episode 17: Thoughts on Richard Rose and the Spiritual Life with Michael Casari

Episode 16: Opening Avenues of Thought with Pattiann Rogers

Episode 15: Rising High with Spiritual Poetry

Episode 14: Creativity and the Spiritual Search with Jerry Wennstrom

Episode 13: Walking through the Gateless Gate with Norio Kushi

Episode 12: Jan Frazier on Tuning in to what’s Real

Episode 11: Spiritual Poems from Beyond Mind, Beyond Death

Episode 10: Wisdom from Down Home with the Hillbilly Sutra

Episode 9: Hardcore Dharma with Daniel Ingram

Episode 8: Awakening Down Under with Eddie Traversa

Episode 7: The Mindful Geekiness of Michael Taft

Episode 6: Tracking the Mind with Paul Rezendes

Episode 5: The question of self-identity with Tess Hughes

Episode 4: What does God feel like? asks Anima Pundeer

Episode 3: The steady hand of Paul Constant

Episode 2: Bittersweet Enlightenment with Bob Cergol

Episode 1: Yeah, it was amazing but deleted at the request of the interviewee.

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