Jac O’Keeffe Interview

Jac O’Keeffe has been in the nondual “scene” since 2008, but it would be a jac o'keeffemistake to limit her message to nondual teachings.  In fact, as she explains in this interview, her teaching has continually evolved over the years.  The current focus of Jac O’Keeffe is pointing to what is “deeper than that” in relation to nonduality.

In addition, this episode also explores Jac’s work with the Association for Spiritual Integrity and how that organization hopes to establish a baseline of ethical standards for spiritual teachers.

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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode:

  • Just a quick note: TAT’s August Workshop is fast approaching.  Beyond Mindfulness: Meditation and the Path Within is August 16-18, 2019 at the Claymont Mansion in West Virginia.  Only an hour from the Dulles airport, TAT consistently offers the best spiritual events on the East coast.
  • For Jac O’Keeffe’s background story, check out her interview on BATGAP, as well as an earlier interview on ConsciousTV  [0:35]
  • How Eastern spiritual teachings don’t quite fit the Western culture. [2:35]
  • The deeper depth of spiritual exploration. [7:44]
  • “When the band-aid of identity gets pulled away, we fall deeper than the nondual teachings.” [9:15]
  • Dzogchen teachings as pointing to what is beyond nonduality. [14:30]
  • Ramana Maharshi getting bitten by ants. [17:00]
  • How do morals and ethics appear in Jac’s life? [21:00]
  • What happens after death for Jac? The soul, reincarnation, and the recycling of energy. [30:00]
  • What is prior to consciousness? [33:00]
  • The evolution of Jac O’Keeffe’s teachings and the tools that she brings to her teaching such as chanting. [38:00]
  • The behavior of enlightened beings and the student-guru model. [47:00]
  • The formation of the Association for Spiritual Integrity– a code of ethics for spiritual teachers.  [52:00]
  • Spiritual teaching as a profession. [1:05:00]
  • Charging for spiritual teachings. [1:10:00]
  • The difference between enlightenment and liberation. [1:15:00]
  • The factoid you’ve been waiting for… Jac O’Keeffe loves Netflix and recommends The OA. [1:16:00]
  • The Science and Nonduality Conference.
  • Reach Jac O’Keeffe at Jac-Okeeffe.com.

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One thought on “Jac O’Keeffe Interview”

  1. When you disappear from yourself and your attributes, the Beloved shows up itself!
    In addition, for spiritual integrity; establish a baseline of ethical standards and appreciate observing your thoughts.

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