Tess Hughes Interview

“We’re overlooking things because of the sheer familiarly of them.”

Tess HughesWith a spiritual search spanning fifty years, Tess Hughes has a wealth of practical experience on the spiritual path.  Her search blossomed in its last five years when she encountered the TAT Foundation and learned of the possibility of awakening in this lifetime.  A science teacher for many years, Tess Hughes seemingly can’t get enough of teaching and currently facilitates several groups in Ireland.  To learn more about Tess, purchase her book This Above All.  You can contact Tess at tesshghs[“at”]gmail.com.

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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode

  • It was in the last five years that Tess Hughes’ search became a conscious seeking for answers. [2:40]
  • On how becoming a “person of character” was an excellent background for launching a spiritual path. [3:14]
  • What is a person of integrity? [4:44]
  • Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution by P.D. Ouspensky. [7:52]
  • How the Catholicism and poverty of Tess’ youth combined to give a sense of the transcendent in everyday life. [9:53]
  • Moving to the United States after her first marriage ended. [12:36]
  • Examining family of origin. [13:57]
  • The importance of psychological maturity for the spiritual path. [15:00]
  • When a therapist could be helpful. [17:35]
  • John Bradshaw’s book The Family [18:15]
  • Feeling she had wasted her life trying to become a person of integrity. [22:20]
  • After 40 years, a change in strategy towards a “reverse from untruth.” [23:30]
  • The April 2005 TAT meeting DVD. [26:55]
  • The exercise of trying to feel what the perspective of another person is, and wondering what blocks prevented Tess from having that perspective.  [27:29]
  • Tess’ struggle with maintaining a regular meditation practice and what finally worked for her: Douglas Harding‘s “meditation for the marketplace.” [29:56]
  • The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth by Douglas Harding. [32:45]
  • The value of solitary retreats. [35:33]
  • Tess’s idea that her spiritual practice had to fit into her daily life and not disrupt anyone or anything else. [36:26]
  • Tess always knew that her core question was about death and dying. [39:54]
  • What does backing away from untruth mean in day-to-day life? [43:25]
  • The distinction between emotions and feelings. [48:13]
  • Are intuition and feeling the same thing? [50:14]
  • On not being interested in enlightenment. [56:11]
  • The value of feeling like a beginner. [57:21]
  • The process of enlightenment. [58:59]
  • The attitude of legitimate suffering. [1:03:45]
  • Giving up on the search. [1:05:46]
  • The benefits of being a trained teacher when it comes to spiritual teachings. [1:09:38]
  • The chief obstacles Tess notices in students. [1:11:36]
  • Queen I Want it All [1:13:25]
  • Working on your weak side – whether emotional or logical [1:15:00]
  • The core practices: Self-inquiry, meditation, and prayer.  [1:17:47]
  • Recommended books: The Listening Attention, Solid Ground of Being, and Beyond Relativity [1:20:58]
  • Films mentioned: John and Mary, My Dinner with Andre, The Truman Show, American Beauty [1:22:45]
  • Tess discusses her groups in Galway, Dublin and Cork City. [1:24:33]

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