Bart Marshall Interview

Bart Marshall is both a gifted writer and spiritual teacher.   I’ve known Bart Marshall for many years, but the inspiration for this interview is his article “Ultimate Between-ness” which contains these compelling lines:

There are two main things I think are worth studying.  One is how to wake up from this dream called life.  The other is how to get what you want within it.  As it happens, the formula for both is the same.


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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode:

  • Announcement that the TAT Foundation’s April event features an excellent lineup of speakers: Paul Hedderman, Paul Rezendes, Paul Constant, Norio Kushi, and Bart Marshall.  Sign up for this incredible conference at Once in a Lifetime is Now.
  • For Bart Marshall’s background story, check out my film Closer than Close, his interview on ConsciousTV, and Bart’s interview on BATGAP.  [1:45]
  • An overview of Ultimate Between-ness. [3:57]
  • The Law of Attraction is better called The Law of Creation. [4:50]
  • The four aspects of Ultimate Between-ness: Intention, Confidence, Gratitude, and Indifference. [6:40]
  • The importance of wanting the truth at all cost. [10:30]
  • Prayer as a practice of indifference.  [15:29]
  • The importance of clarifying what you really want.  Why do you want the Truth? [19:20]
  • “The man who chases two mice catches none.” [21:34]
  • Guided self-inquiry. [22:40]
  • How to incorporate a habit of confidence. [27:19]
  • Does backing away from untruth conflict with setting an intention? [35:20]
  • Are there any spiritual nuggets Bart has uncovered since writing the Ultimate Between-ness essay? [43:55]
  • How to work with Bart Marshall.  He charges for the initial consultation, but not for follow on sessions. [49:45]
  • RealFace Press is Bart’s publishing company. [52:26]  His books include:
  • Reach Bart Marshall at

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  1. Hi Shawn. After reading this month’s TAT Forum I believe I’d find it very interesting to listen an interview with Bob Harwood.

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