Paul Hedderman: The Zen Bitch Slap

I met Paul Hedderman at the Raleigh SIG retreat in October 2010. His unique phrasings and energetic personality immediately caught my attention. It’s not too surprising that a guy whose website is would pique one’s curiosity.

paul heddermanListening to Hedderman speak informally to three or four interested listeners Friday evening, I tried to pay more attention to his presence than his words. For what it’s worth, it felt like he rested somewhere solid; from which place his engaging personality would spring forth then return to rest. Later, I heard Paul describe himself as traveling easily, and I agree. Continue reading “Paul Hedderman: The Zen Bitch Slap”

Art Ticknor: Confronting the ego

By way of disclaimer, Art Ticknor is a friend of mine, so that makes this review quite biased or gives me a unique insight into his story; that’s for you to decide. I’ve known Art since the mid-1990s, when I was just a wee spiritual lad and he was one of the “old-timers” who hung around Richard Rose. Though art ticknorI knew Art, I didn’t know much about him. Gracious is a word that comes to mind, but also a man treading water. Treading water may sound like a negative, but it takes a heck of a lot of persistence to keep treading in the face of no hope of rescue. Maybe he was, unbeknownst to me and to him, the proverbial man with the red hot cannonball stuck in his throat — which he can neither swallow nor spit out.

This came to a peak in 2004, when he decided to finally “get serious”: Continue reading “Art Ticknor: Confronting the ego”

Bob Cergol: There is nothing to die

I am fortunate to know Bob Cergol before and after his encounter with Reality.

bob cergolBob began his spiritual search studying with Richard Rose. He plunged into the life of a spiritual seeker — reading, meditating, spending time on solitary retreats, working in study groups with others, eventually building a cabin on Rose’s farm in West Virginia. As the years passed, however, he began to doubt if he would ever find an answer to his spiritual desires.
Continue reading “Bob Cergol: There is nothing to die”

Bart Marshall: The eloquent sage

Bart Marshall is an old acquaintance from my days with the Self Knowledge Symposium. bart marshallBack then, I was in my early twenties and considered him one of the “old guys” (like I am now!). I recall three things about Bart. One, that I would never want to get into a fight with him; two, that he seemed hopelessly stuck in the spider’s web of daily life; and three (probably related to the first), he could be deadly serious. Continue reading “Bart Marshall: The eloquent sage”

Gary Weber: The science of “No-I”

When the planning committee for the November 2013 TAT Foundation meeting proposed inviting Gary Weber to speak, my reaction was, “who?” He gave a great talk, weaving scientific observations with his experience in meditation, and carrying that fine mix of seriousness and humor that you often find in those who dwell on solid ground. I should not be gary webersurprised that a relatively lesser-known figure turns out to be an authentic pointer towards truth. Not only that, but I really like this photo of Gary Weber because he looks like he’s ready to kick someone’s butt. Continue reading “Gary Weber: The science of “No-I””