Spiritual Poetry: Seeker and Finder

This episode’s reading is a short excerpt of spiritual poetry from the TAT Foundation publication Beyond Mind, Beyond Death. It’s the first volume published by the TAT Press, and I consider it a “desert island” book–one you return to again and again for insight and inspiration. The reading opens with “Just Look” by J.C. Its final line, “Drop all else and come to Me” is particularly poignant considering this seeker passed away several years ago. The poem reveals the frustrations of a person not knowing where to turn, but also the inner knowing that speaks to all, offering guidance. “The Other Side” by Bob Cergol clearly originates from the Silence, illustrating the position of both seeker and that which is sought, but this time definitively stating that “in that nothing is your Being/And in that Being– everything.”

This is podcast # 6 in The Induction Series. The aim of this series is to focus on “inspired” writings, those that carry the “living word.” Franklin Merrell-Wolff called them “mystic writings” and said that “when the ‘Voice of the Silence’ speaks into the relative world, the Meaning lies between the words, as it were, rather than in the direct content of the words themselves.”

Richard Rose said that “If you are interested in looking for Essence, from the point of the Process Observer you can be stimulated only by writings of inspiration rather than reason or direction” and referred students to his poem “Three Books of the Absolute.” While Rose used the term “inspirational,” clearly these are not necessarily inspirational, uplifting writings like one typically finds collected under that banner.

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Selected Links and Topics from this Episode:

  • “your true heart e’er knows the way –/Just find and follow its golden ray”
  • “Look, just Look/Look and See”
  • “What shape was made with flesh and bone/That made this form your form alone?”
  • “From the other side there comes the call/’Your self is here, not there at all.'”
  • A comment from Bob Cergol about the poem: “The idea was to paint a picture of how the ‘I’ arises out of experience and loses its connection with the Source and then re-finds itself. When and how did your sense of ‘I’ first appear? What was the first sound that awakend ‘I’ in you and closed your ear to the Silent Source? What sight first cemented you in this vision of reality that blinded you to the True Light?”
  • Read more about Bob Cergol.
  • Getting Back to What’s Important,” an article by J.C.
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