Poetry in Motion Films

Poetry in Motion Films is a project I started in 2007 to create “documentaries for the soul”—inspiring and challenging spiritual films that explore the spiritual, philosophic, and metaphysical dimensions of life. There are four films in the series, each digging deep into the perennial questions:

Where did I come from? What has meaning? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is this place? Each film features some of those who have answers. Call them enlightened, awakened, self-realized, or just “woke,” seeing these inspiring stories fuels one’s passion. Our genre is , it’s what we do.

Through small films about big ideas, Poetry in Motion Films hopes to expand your possibilities for a life well-lived. If you like spiritual films, spiritual cinema, and spiritual documentaries, you’ll enjoy these.

Closer Than Close—the film Oscar-winner Bruce Joel Rubin called a “revelation.”
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Traveling Lighter with Paul Hedderman—what’s not to love about Paul Hedderman? Filmed in High-Definition and featuring music by Kirtan chant artist and sacred singer/songwriter David Newman.
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Mountain High: Touching the Void with Bob Fergeson—the author of The Listening Attention, photographer, and mountaineer.
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Meetings with Remarkable Women—featuring Anima Pundeer and Linda Clair, it’s the film Jac O’Keefee called “beautifully informative.”
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