Reflections on the Spiritual Path – new book

Message in a Bottle: Reflections on the Spiritual Path is a new book from the TAT Foundation Press. Rather than another book by a spiritual teacher, this book takes the approach of asking spiritual seekers, those still on the path to “finding,” to share their stories and wisdom. Interestingly, each contributor to this volume also includes a “message in a bottle” to their younger self. Rather than advice to others, that message is what they would say to themselves in hindsight.

In this episode, I interview one of the contributors to this volume, to delve deeper into what he learned from writing his chapter. Along the way, we touch on dreamwork, Tony Robbins, Richard Rose, self inquiry, and more.

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Selected Links and Topics from this Episode:

  • Richard Rose as the best psychologist ever.
  • “You’re a fool if you don’t keep a journal.”
  • “Like the deer that years for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you my God.”
  • “Dreams help me take ownership of my own path.”
  • “What everyone is really seeking is their own inner guidance,” paraphrasing Jim Burns (At Home with the Inner Self)
  • Using dreams to connect with feelings. Working with Carl Jung’s materials (Man and His Symbols)
  • ” Every single dream has a meaning.”
  • Ralph Allison’s Minds in Many Pieces – if you’re interested in dreams, read this book, as well.
  • What is self-enquiry?
  • Mike Gegenheimer
  • Robert S. de Ropp’s The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness
  • Dreams as a “guide to where you’re at right now.”
  • The struggle to be disciplined.
  • Tony Robbins‘ “value list.”
  • “You have to become the truth.” Richard Rose
  • “‘Back away from untruth’ is the favorite line Ii would tell anyone.”
  • Love is everything, living is giving, a commitment to continuous and never ending improvement.
  • “A life inexorably driven towards perfection.” Art Ticknor
  • Jim Rohn. Tony Robbins’ breathing exercise.
  • Seeing rather than doing.
  • Check into the feelings you have regarding the symbols that appear in your dreams.
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