Paul Constant Interview

Shake up your preconceptions about spiritual awakening and enlightenment by joining my guest, Paul Constant.

Shake up your preconceptions about spiritual awakening and enlightenment by joining my guest, Paul Constant.  Paul is a frequent presenter at TAT Foundation retreats, as well as holding events of his own on the East Coast.

I hope you find this interview of Paul Constant inspiring and informative.

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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode

  • TAT Forum articles by Paul Constant. [02:14]
  • The beginning of Paul’s spiritual search. [03:00]
  • “Waking Sleep” and Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. [04:06]
  • The Fourth Way by P.D. Ouspensky. [04:40]
  • Think on These Things by Jiddu Krishnamurti [06:34]
  • The two camps of seekers: those drawn to the mystical and those repulsed by life. [06:50]
  • Studying psychic phenomena. [08:07]
  • Being raised a Catholic. [09:47]
  • On the value of a wholesome life. [11:00]
  • Feeling the need to meet other people involved in the spiritual life. [13:49]
  • Meeting Richard Rose. [15:50]
  • Reaching a spiritual plateau. [21:10]
  • The value and beauty of the spiritual journey. [24:30]
  • Friendship as one of the messages of the TAT Foundation. [26:01]
  • Spiritual realization happening in stages. [30:14]
  • Paul’s realization of Nothingness. [32:06]
  • The simplicity of the answer could not be accepted. [37:23]
  • Meeting a Shakti-oriented teacher awakened Paul’s “Tin-Man” heart. [38:22]
  • Paul’s last teacher, who systematically undercut every concept about enlightenment. That Grand Mal Enlightenment is another concept. [41:30]
  • Becoming Everything. [44:37]
  • Is there an end to spiritual seeking? [49:12]
  • Shifting into awareness versus observing thoughts. [55:25]
  • Life is the contact between our true nature and the relative. [1:06:00]
  • The most common blocks to achievement. [1:17:43]
  • Rapport retreats. [1:23:30]
  • “I’m not a teacher. I don’t go in with the attitude that I have something that you don’t.”[1:26:35]
  • Psychology of the Observer by Richard Rose [1:29:55]
  • It’s Time to Wake Up Now by Don Oakley [1:31:30]
  • I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj [1:32:20]
  • Books by the TAT Foundation [1:33:00]
  • Brain book [1:33:40]
  • The film Closer Than Close [1:34:35]
  • The dramatic change in relationship to people. [1:36:00]
  • Come to a TAT meeting. [1:38:50]
  • Paul’s website [1:39:50]
  • Remembering as a spiritual practice to counter the mind’s ability to forget. [1:41:56]

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