Maury Lee Interview

The tagline on Maury Lee’s website reads ” Sixty-nine year old male, expressing non duality, realization, by the grace of God.” The simplicity, yet depth, of that line is a good summation of Maury Lee.

Maury was recommended to me by Michael Casari, and I found him to be an otherwise quiet soul who became obsessed with finding the truth of his ultimate nature.

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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode:

  • Quick Note: For more information on the TAT Foundation’s November event featuring Bob Cergol, Anima Pundeer, and Art Ticknor, visit Closing Doors.
  • Charlie Hayes – race car driver who became a spiritual teacher.
  • Needing both an intellectual and experiential understanding of enlightenment.
  • You Are the World by Krishnamurti.
  • The importance of trying to feel the space from which an author writes.
  • Being a “householder” while on the spiritual pursuit.
  • Richard Rose’s Albigen Papers.
  • Gestalt Therapy of Fritz Pearls and dream work.
  • The Primal Scream by Arthur Janov.
  • The necessity of seeing your psychological blocks.
  • “The biggest obstacle is that it couldn’t happen to me. ~Robert Wolfe
  • Reading Franklin Merrell-Wolff for fun.
  • People in America can’t distinguish between what they want and what they need.
  • Casablanca – an example of one person standing up against what is not right.
  • Reach Maury Lee at Enlightenment For No One.

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