Metta Zetty: Never quite launched as a teacher

I found Metta Zetty through her Awakening metta zetty into Awareness website while grazing the web for spiritual teachers and was struck by the sincerity that shone through her writing. Here was a person who had a spiritual realization and was offering to help people at no cost. Our correspondence supported my initial impression and we eventually arranged a face-to-face meeting. Continue reading “Metta Zetty: Never quite launched as a teacher”

Hubert Benoit: Makes my head hurt, but might be good for you

Hubert Benoit’s Zen and the Psychology of Transformation: The Supreme Hubert BenoitDoctrine is considered a classic in Zen literature, at least among Westerners. Benoit states that, “In order to enlighten an Occidental, dissertations are, within a certain measure that is strictly limited, necessary.” The Supreme Doctrine is a convoluted, intellectual dissertation — a theoretical conceptualization which sheds more light on the author’s psychology, than upon Zen. Also of interest is the fact that Hubert Benoit’s little known last book, The Interior Realization, refutes much of The Supreme Doctrine. I credit Benoit for his honesty, for he was a lifelong seeker. Continue reading “Hubert Benoit: Makes my head hurt, but might be good for you”

John Davis II: The enlightened attorney

To hear John Davis II read his poems is like being exposed to the soul of John Davis IIthe man. Shortly before his untimely death in 1984, he expressed his desire to “someday be the greatest orator in America.” He might have been, not because of verbal eloquence, but because of the passion behind his words. Amazingly, a few years before, John Davis had been declared totally and permanently disabled due to progressively deteriorating brain damage from a 1964 automobile accident. Over the years, the successes of his life slowly slipped through his fingers. By mid-1977, he was homeless; often spending nights in a Charleston, West Virginia cemetery. Continue reading “John Davis II: The enlightened attorney”

Lama Ole Nydahl: The hardest-working Lama in Lama business

Lama Ole NydahlOne look at the travel schedule of Lama Ole Nydahl, and you know he is serious about his mission of bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West. I saw him speak nearly twenty years ago in Austin, TX and the poor fellow was literally falling asleep on his feet. Despite his fatigue, his sincerity was evident. Continue reading “Lama Ole Nydahl: The hardest-working Lama in Lama business”

Suzanne Segal: Bus stop enlightenmnent

Suzanne Segal is, like John Wren-Lewis, a case of enlightenment outside suzanne segalof any tradition. Several years after leaving the Transcendental Meditation movement, she was standing at a bus stop in Paris, when she was catapulted into the position of a “witness” to her mind and body. After some months, this “witness” disappeared: Continue reading “Suzanne Segal: Bus stop enlightenmnent”