Metta Zetty: Never quite launched as a teacher

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I found Metta Zetty through her Awakening metta zetty into Awareness website while grazing the web for spiritual teachers and was struck by the sincerity that shone through her writing. Here was a person who had a spiritual realization and was offering to help people at no cost. Our correspondence supported my initial impression and we eventually arranged a face-to-face meeting.

Metta tried her best to get me to see that I was already enlightened and could end my pursuit of what I already possessed. Alas, I was a stubborn case. We parted with this advice: imagine you found everything you are seeking — how does the world then appear?

Since that time, Metta Zetty suspended her teaching efforts due to health problems. It was 12 years before she finally regained her health, but another year and a half has passed since any updates on her website. I recall she once used the phrase “as time and life allow” and it seems that has come to haunt her teaching efforts. I do not know if she will ever continue communicating her message.

Metta Zetty’s advice followed the reasoning there is nothing that needs to be done because you are already Awareness. There are many purported teachers on the Web taking a similar position: it is easy to say and easy to believe. While the saints and sages support this idea, I find it akin to the priest telling the congregation that they all have an eternal soul. The congregation may all nod their heads in assent, but they have not experienced this truth. How does one become aware of their divinity?

I saw Metta trying to address this issue. Her efforts and sincerity set her apart from the majority of the you-are-already-enlightened club. Take a look at her website:

One thought on “Metta Zetty: Never quite launched as a teacher”

  1. Concerning Metta Zety’s advice that nothing needs to be done:
    It expresses her uselessness and inability to help others along the path. If we research the biographies of all great masters through the ages, one thing they have in common is to say that super human effort is needed. Even Ramana said that.

    The statement of “no effort is needed” is pseudo advaita loved by the lazy ones. But more it is criminal in its flaming ignorance as it keeps sincere seekers from reaching for effective tools.

    A master is someone who can give the tools and will remain throughout the process.

    So, please anyone saying no work is needed … give them the time and attention they deserve: 0

    If you wish to master dance, singing, sports … never mind practice …. you have already arrived.

    If you want to go to India, never mind going to the airport: you have already arrived.

    Regardless how sincere Metta is… she lacks the extra depth and training a Master has and the knowledge and the tools to competently guide.

    Something is true or it isn’t.
    It’s like that.
    Andreas Mamet

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