John de Ruiter

“Another wonderful spiritual teacher of extremely high integrity and great impact.”
-Quote from the web about John de Ruiter

John de RuiterUh huh. I knew of John de Ruiter for three or four years, but never felt a pull to explore his material in depth. Perhaps my intuition was protecting me. It just so happens that the year 2000 saw de Ruiter plunged into controversy over his adultery with the lovely von Sass sisters. Continue reading “John de Ruiter”

Supreme Master Ching Hai

At first it was the name that made me suspect: “The Supreme Master Ching Hai.” What truly enlightened person would call their self a supreme master? I remembered, though, that Ramana Maharshi was called Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, which means something like the honorable, Lord, and great seer Ramana, so I couldn’t dismiss Ching Hai because of an ostentatious title.

Master Ching Hai Continue reading “Supreme Master Ching Hai”

Mother Meera

Mother Meera is known to thousands all over the world, and my review gets me in trouble with most of them. I am told she is an avatar: someone born enlightened. A friend whose opinion I respect visited Mother and reported a lasting change in his perspective. In dire need of inspiration, I recruited another desperate friend and we booked a flight to Germany.

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