Richard Moss

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Long ago, I spent three hours listening to an audiotape of Richard Moss entitled Opening to the Infinite. Frankly, I’d rather not write anything about the guy, but perhaps I’ll save you the same experience and you will spend your three hours with worthier material.

Richard MossMoss has a soft-spoken voice that spins well-polished phrases. He’s been teaching for twenty- seven years and focuses on that most profitable of topics — relationships. In fact, he summarized his work with the statement, “The greatest gift we can give someone is the quality of our attention.” His tape included many other memorable phrases such as:

Observe from a deep place of allowing.
Sing and dance your vulnerability.
Let the voice sing until the song sings us.
Let your body be your spiritual master.
Trust life to lead us and live us.

And my favorite:

Let your imagination be at one with this space.

His guided meditations are just that, adventures in imagination.

He may very well help people with their relationships and help them find some psychological peace, but he is not a guide to enlightenment.

The official Richard Moss webpage has a number of articles and interviews, as well as retreats, talks, and mentor trainings around the world.

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