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“Another wonderful spiritual teacher of extremely high integrity and great impact.”
-Quote from the web about John de Ruiter

John de RuiterUh huh. I knew of John de Ruiter for three or four years, but never felt a pull to explore his material in depth. Perhaps my intuition was protecting me. It just so happens that the year 2000 saw de Ruiter plunged into controversy over his adultery with the lovely von Sass sisters. Although he apparently denied the relationships at first, he rationalized the affairs (and his denial) quite well:

John says he originally denied the relationships because he was answering questions on a “personal level. And on this personal level, he is not having affairs, because the relationships are not about lust or sex or physical attraction, he says.

John says, “To me it’s not infidelity. It’s not unfaithfulness because my heart is still completely with Joyce [his wife]. Within, I’m not separating from her, I’m not running from her.

And further, “I’m not a sexual wanderer, emotionally. I don’t live with lust. I don’t struggle with that. It’s not a weakness.”

John de Ruiter feels he can do no wrong because he is following the truth inside him, has transcended the need for moral codes (and even a code of friendship for his wife), and everything is perfect as it is. Most of his disciples are buying his bull. At last count, he is still seeing both women and travelling the world-wide guru circuit. I would love to hear from anyone who thinks this guy is legitimate.

Not sure of the date on this video, but De Ruiter toned down the Jesus look:

A good look at de Ruiter’s history and his wife’s view of the affairs, as well as several other articles:
Cult Education Institute

A well-researched, in-depth and highly critical article from 2017 by the The Globe and Mail: Staring Back .  If you read this and still believe John de Ruiter is legit, then you have my sympathies.

It’s astounding to me, but 20 years later, John de Ruiter is bigger than ever.  In Edmonton, there is a College of Integrated Philosophy built around his teachings.  

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18 thoughts on “John de Ruiter”

  1. Agree, he seems like a predatory creep who uses a false rep as a guru, or savior or whatever as a means to acquire sex or wealth. It disgusts.

    1. “John de Ruiter feels he can do no wrong because he is following the truth inside him, has transcended the need for moral codes (and even a code of friendship for his wife), and everything is perfect as it is.” And because he is “Christ” incarnate, etcetera. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the ‘spiritual’ excuse for bad behavior (or doing whatever you want to anyone you please)…I’d be as rich as these guys.

  2. nothing shining here … not very intellegent
    bit of a chick magnet..
    when do we stop with all the projections onto these wannabes

  3. I have been attending johns seminars regularly for 2 years now am so grateful for the chance to be close to him and the group of people that follow his teaching – it is here I find meaning, learn, see and grow. I find his seminars infinitely helpful and very enlightening. He speaks from a deeper place, and the level of truth he conveys both by spoken word and transmission is astounding. In countless occasions I have realized and known such love, as hat I have thought “I wish everyone could have the chance to experience this man”. I have seen countless people benefit on all levels by attending his seminars.
    I am a mental health professional, (a psychologist) and can honestly say: this man is profoundly mentally healthy and pure in intention- I have seen him help
    So many by inviting a shift in perspectve from a more ego- centered to a more heart-centered and mindful way of being in the world. I see a man who is Actually contributing to the awakening of humanity. Instead of just indiscriminately posting your negative and judgemental responses on the internet, why not spend some time Really listening to what this man is Actually offering us.

      1. ..and you Anna, “why not spend some time Really listening to” what…John’s first wife, his second Benita and his third, Katrina have to say about his ‘purity’. How about listening carefully to what his latest ‘sexual conquests’, Debbie or Randi S. have recently been attempting to share with the public. Only to be ‘silenced’ very quickly on the JDR sites like Birds of Being because…nobody wants to know what’s going on under all that ‘goodness and purity’. Or, for that matter asking or wanting to know what actually ‘happened’ to his student dear Anina before she went into the forest and so very suddenly…committed suicide. But…you might say, well that’s all ‘par for the course’ in life and…’shit happens’. It’s a little odd and ‘coincidental’ though I think, that all this and likely far more has gone on within a short period of fifteen years or less. Not to mention him being married again, for the forth time now. “Profound mental health and pure intention” as you describe John having and being, doesn’t usually manifest in ‘unexplained deaths’, constant legal battles, multi divorces, over accumulation of wealth or having multiple extra marital sexual relationships or and worst yet…lying about much of it.

        1. When people judge John, it’s just there Ego talking, seeing things as right or wrong.
          If you go deeper, to the “emptiness” inside, you will feel another perspective, realizing that everything is just perfect exactly as it is.
          No one is never doing anything “wrong”.
          Everything is just pure Love.

    1. It is not what they say, not how many get ” helped ” not good intentions. It is by their actions. I was once ” helped ” spoken to by a psycologist who had had Great experiences . He turned out to be a man with intelligens, lot of wise words and also a will for power, pride, arrogance and . It ended in horror. It us not gold – everything.

  4. Excactly. Exercising judgement it’s not wrong.
    It’s something that happens by the “outer self” and not from a deeper level that John so wonderfully talks about. <3

    1. Thank you ! Loosing critical thinking because told to do so makes us ” not right ” . Trust yourself – not any guru, shaman, preast …trust yourself and kearn critical thinking !!

  5. I must be just as bad as all of these bad teachers because I tend to appreciate the teachings of all the gurus with the most haters. I’m as ugly and disgusting as they are, if not more so.

    It seems where the most judgement is there is hidden truths to be uncovered. To the masses it is garbage but to the enlightened mind there is treasure in all teachings.

    When we criticize we are too proud to admit we practice the same trait. If you feel repulsed by someone it’s you that is repulsive. Look deep into yourself and your judgments towards others are to yourself.

    I’ve never listened to this man but the judgments and anger toward him attract me to what he has to teach. Thank you.

    1. An interesting trait in yourself to explore. Have you always had that reaction? In de Ruiter’s case, it is the masses (spiritual) that are attracted to him. He has far more followers than other teachers I rate much higher. So what does that mean for your theory?

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