Bentinho Massaro: A spiritual rock star

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Could it be that Bentinho Massaro is actually Matt Damon? That sneaking suspicion arose when I saw him in Berkeley in May 2012, and now… well, see for yourself in the photos! Don’t let his 20-something looks and Dutch accent fool you — Damon is a masterful actor.

matt damon

Okay, I’m kidding, but I did see Bentinho bentinho massaroMassaro in Berkeley and left with this impression: he is not ready for prime-time (see the end this post for updates from 2017 and 2019).

Bentinho began the evening with a few minutes of silence, then took an exhaustive period of time convincing everyone how exhausted they were:

Feel how tired you are. If you don’t, you won’t desire the simplicity of being…. You feel responsible for the state of the world. See how tiring that is…. You are exhausted.

He spent fifteen minutes in various descriptions of how tired we were [my contrarian nature happened to feel great that evening] before shifting to his main point:

What if there is nothing else to think about? Existence is right here…. What if there is nothing to do; no responsibility? Notice what remains naturally: the presence of consciousness, of existing. Without this, nothing else is, therefore everything else is it.

Shift attention to what is: that I exist. Increase your awareness of your exhaustion…. Notice how you are already awareness…. See how tired you are and relax.

In my notes that evening, I scrawled, “He’s pointing to a more elegant way of being in the world, but not to discovering what is beyond it.” Bentinho has a great smile; simple, pure, and direct are adjectives applied to his teaching. Yet, simple isn’t always wise. He could just be a nice guy who has had some insights, but not gone deeply into the heart of the matter.

Just exist, be, see….

Interestingly, about an hour and a half into the talk, he was asked a question by a woman struggling to understand one of his points. The was a definite change in his talk at that point. He drifted into a long monologue about even existence needing a source and how that source was indescribable. “Indescribability sources everything,” he said. At first, I thought he was breaking out of the usual “just be aware” patter that I hear from most non-duality teachers, and he was to a degree. However, it was as if he’d read about the “indescribable” and was talking about an idea he didn’t really understand. His language circled back on itself, contradicted itself, and left me feeling he was musing rather than speaking the truth.

After this unexpected detour into an uncertain source behind awareness, Bentinho returned to focusing on the act of experiencing and led the group into what seemed an impromptu guided meditation. He closed his eyes and said:

Rest as existing. [he took a slow, deep breath]
Relax as consciousness. Awareness is aware of itself. Relax even that. Consciousness itself is an experience. You cannot be whatever you see.

Then he repeated variations of these words for a long time. So much so, that I felt he was trying to fill the minutes till the 9:00 PM finish.

Since that talk, however, Bentinho Massaro grew up and became a motivational speaker! Or, rather, became a spiritual motivational speaker. And very, very slick. He now has the Trinfinity Academy with a 14 day free trial, and “no credit card needed needed until the end of your trial.” Don’t ask about the price, however, because that will not be revealed until later. It is clear Bentinho Massaro has become a spiritual rock star (in fact you can watch him dance to the beat on the intro video to the Academy). Bentinho already has two facilitators handling private coaching based on his teachings. If you are interested in exalting the ego, Bentinho is for you.

For the official Bentinho Massaro page, visit Better yet, visit the super slick Trinfinity Academy where a monthly fee gets you access to the “Online School for Enlightenment and Empowerment.”

January 2017 update: And it gets even better.  Bentinho is now going to save the entire planet!  He’s waived the fee for the Trinfinity Academy and had much bigger fish to fry.  Check out his uber-ambitious plan to save everyone and everything: Trifinity Projects

December 2017 update: Bentinho appears to stray even further into the land of weirdness: Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro

Here is video of the new Bentinho Massaro:

November 2019 update: Bentinho’s teachings on enlightenment are much the same as in 2012: there’s a natural state, it’s already here, and you are that. You can listen to him repeat this ad nauseam for an hour and a half in his Direct Enlightenment talk.   If that appeals to you, then he’s a solid spiritual teacher.  The rest of Bentinho’s plans continues to evolve, such as: “Private sessions with Bentinho Massaro and/or Anurag Gupta are reserved for people with great influence and/or wealth who wish to know themselves, awaken to the truth of Existence, align themselves with their highest calling, and leverage their influence for humanity’s benefit.”  Sign me up!

59 thoughts on “Bentinho Massaro: A spiritual rock star”

    1. He is a poseur and an imitator. He has borrowed all of his teachings and carries no real authenticity. He is one of these multitudinous ‘non-dual’ teachers who started ‘teaching’ way before he ever did any real internal investigation, and who will continue teaching despite his clear lack of awareness. He reminds me of so many other narcissistic pretenders with nothing real to offer. But those with no deep sense of discernment, or who are ‘programmed’ for deception (like so many are, for so many reasons) can naively believe this nonsense, as well as fall for the ‘glamour’ of the slightly charismatic persona (I find his persona completely fake). Many if not MOST spiritual teachers are narcissistic frauds today. Especially rife with this ‘instant enlightenment’ jargon are the non-duality teachers who don’t actually understand at all what they are talking about, much less live it. Please for god’s sake don’t compare any of them to Ramana Maharishi. This is so tired, and so immature. Ramana is light years beyond these grossly immature poseurs.

      1. This guy is extremely smooth, meaning he has the gift of the gab and the power of attraction – for the naive and the gullible of course- which he uses to the hilt, and relishing it completely. He could have had some kind of “enlightenment” or direct experience in the past, but now instead of staying in that enlightenment by overcoming all the short comings of his ego, he has been swept over by the super ego without he himself realizing it. A man who is truly enlightened, stays enlightened without needing to do anything whatsoever. But Guru Bentinho is continuously “doing” things, like teaching others and trying to convert the whole world. And since God or The Source is utterly perfect, It does not need Bentinho or any other guru or prophet to canvass for It for the salvation of souls.
        Ramana Maharshi never had a guru, never left his village, and never wrote anything let alone appear in videos and on TV. He became enlightened by his own means and never strayed from it. Also, contrary to what Bentino teaches, to reach such a high state of realization, a human being needs to make a super human effort in controlling the mind, the senses that is, and all thoughts and desires that come with them. Instead he offers his students a sweetly sugared pill which is an illusion, and a lie itself because it is not possible to achieve this without the great effort needed.
        Guru Bentinho’s star has risen very high, but it is said that the bigger they come, the harder they fall. Bentinho is shooting himself in the foot without he himself is realizing it. Unless he realizes this, his blind attachment to his super ego will be his downfall.
        Watch for the next episode.

    2. I met the man some 10 years ago. Sweet kid but a mere glimpse of authentic Truth does not make one a teacher…He falls into a growing lot of pseudo-teachers. Here is a short story I wrote 10 years ago, that some may find humorous:

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      Our program is truly non-dual and designed for all. It will take you from nothing to something, back to nothing but still leave you with something.

      We even offer a separate course for those who are already teachers but feel inadequate. (Shhh, nobody has to know with our covert correspondence course).

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      Imagine being referred to in this way, as one of our esteemed graduates Moremonji was:

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      *Send your cashier’s check today for $ 999.99 and study with ‘the Doctor of Non-Duality’ –as many are calling him now, in the emerging anti-science of ‘no mind’—the growing Non-Duality Religion.

  1. There has been so much “law of attraction” teaching in the past few decades, and each generation takes it a little further. If you limit your information/inspiration to only “spiritual” teachers, it can be hard to implement. When you include in your explorations the work of physicists and other scientists, you begin to find that there are many complex correlations, scientifically verified, to the simplistic term, “law of attraction”. Bentinho’s teachings have grown and evolved, and as a person who has explored this area of study for a very long time, I think he’s onto something. But the best proof is your own personal experience. Try the things he suggests and see if your life changes. Remaining skeptical, critical, and judgmental will probably not result in much improvement in your life – and that is why you went to see him in the first place, right?

    1. Hi Stella, Yours is a very good point. For those interested in the law of attraction, or “improvement” in their life, Bentinho might be of some help. But no, that is not why I went to see Bentinho. I went to see what he knows of the source of life and awareness, and what is beyond the personality, beyond death. That depth is clearly what he lacks.

      1. With all due respect, and from my gentlest, nudging, loving space . . . how can you possibly discern what Bentinho, or anyone else for that matter “knows of the source of life an awareness?” There is only one way . . . and that is if we acknowledge that every perception is a mirror. From that space, then could it be that Bentinho is mirroring the depth that you lack? And from the same space, I must acknowledge and thank you for bringing my skeptic and judge to the surface and into the light. Namaste, friend.

        1. Thanks for the comment Gracie. Without discernment, we are doomed to follow first one dead end and then another. You have to develop the capacity this capacity, and you do that through living a life of honesty and focusing your energy. If a frying pan is headed on a collision course with your face, it will do you no good to claim it is simply a mirror. Similarly, there are certain people it behooves us avoid.

    2. Great response. I find his teachings generous, simple, clear and effective. Elevated vibration, a breath of fresh air. The truth.

  2. Bentinho is a fraud plain and simple. While he has obviously done the homework, he is far from an enlightened being. A little google searching will yield you some insight into his history of building empire. His parents do the same thing in the Netherlands. He is nothing more than a smooth talker who has taken the teachings of others (watch a little Bashar) and touted them as his own. True enlightenment is something that one discovers for him or herself. The body mind, if you will. This is usually a gradual unfolding of the realization that there is no self. While I’m sure the sense of community is wonderful for what it is, the woo woo crowd will find it difficult to ever reach the goal…because there isn’t one. As long as Betinho and these other charlatans keep hawking enlightenment the illusion of the self will be perpetuated and the seeking will continue. Why do you think humans often end up “seeking” for 20-30 years?

    1. When one has met an enlightened being in ones life it seems that 99 percent of spiritual teachers out there are only somewhere along the way by comparison HOWEVER having said that not everyone recognizes an enlightened being and
      in addition most of us (myself included) am ill equipped to TRULY judge another’s stage. All teachers have their place. I have my own rule of thumb, if someone charges for spiritual teachings I assume they are teachers rather than completely spiritually aware. Having said that I can say I really know nothing only what has shaken my own own soul and what has not. It is a mystery. Oh I do have one other rule of thumb: If a teacher expresses strong political preferences they have a ways to go no matter how good they sound.

    2. Can you please cite your references concerning his and his familiy’s history?? I can’t find these “insights into his history of building empire”…

  3. This is truly an extraordinary man. Whether one agrees with everything he says, he is the embodiment of his teaching. I’ve never known anyone as transparent and authentic. Speaking for myself and my family and the people I have met at his retreats, I can say with conviction that our appreciation of life has been greatly improved because of him.

      1. Oh my god, how absolutely horrific!!! What an awful, naive and terrible vision!!! So…nothing needs fixing, saving, restoring etc. Even if true, are you willing to continue following the infinite traces of your own mind in order to perpetuate your need to feel right or righteous? I am not a follower of Mr. B’s, however, your “guidance” lands like an authoritarian, old school slap in the face of anything or anyone who might be generating a less than perfected version of a way towards freedom. I celebrate and support your questioning and I celebrate and support his. Consensual application of any theory is always the big clue. Perhaps trusting that many of us can make up our minds to “join” this, that or t’other would be delicious. Just saying…

          1. Not exactly a comment on this particular guy, but just a broader point about the notion of spiritual awakening/enlightenment. In the more intellectual spiritual circles – such as the ones you inhabit – there is tendency to look down upon those who see the spiritual search as a quest for peace, happiness etc. They would rather pursue the “Truth”. But my question is this : how do you know that you have found this “truth”? Is there a confirmation from God or some higher being ? I am guessing not.

            There is probably some sort of subjective experience that makes the seeker believe that they have figured this stuff out. The key word is “subjective” – it’s all in the head. There is no way that anyone else can be sure that the person has actually found the Holy Grail. In fact, if the seeker/finder is to be completely honest and analytically rigorous about their experience, they’d have to acknowledge that even they can’t be sure that they’ve found the “Truth”. An inner spiritual experience – no matter how strong and vivid – is qualitatively no different from a dream or hallucination. Unless of course it could be verified by someone else or tested “out there” in the world. And as we know neither is possible, not least because post-realization many seekers discount the very existence of “others” or “the world”.

            So what makes these “awakened” folks – and I am including such luminaries as Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta and Rose – believe that they are not deluding themselves ? I think the only plausible answer is that the realization leaves them with unconditional inner peace. That IS the ultimate yardstick.

            In this context, I find the experience of Eckhart Tolle to be quite instructive. He had no exposure to spiritual teachings at the time of his own awakening. So all he was able to say was that he had found peace; the how and the why wasn’t revealed to him. As such, there was no real “truth-realization”, just the dissolution of suffering. It was later that he framed a teaching around the experience, a teaching which, I dare say, doesn’t quite seem to lead too many others to awakening.

            Sorry for the long ramble, but I just felt that framing enlightenment as an epistemological event – which “reveals” something – is perhaps misleading, though it has an intellectual appeal. The only certain fact that can be stated about Awakening is that it “ends suffering”, as the Buddha is supposed to have said. The conceptual frameworks that teachers weave around it are the products of their own minds, which could be more or less reasonable, but unverifiable all the same.

            Would love to know your thoughts.

          2. Hi Amit,

            A hope you realize you attack frameworks, but then simply present another framework. The only difference being that this particular framework appeals to you. Thus we go round and round. How do you know you have dissolved the suffering? The same way you know you have found the truth.

            What matters is to dissolve the suffering (which is the exact same thing as “reveal the truth”).

  4. I have really enjoyed the simplicity of what Bentinho is saying. Yep, of course he is rehashing what others have said but he is also dropping unnecessary complexities from the same teachers. He is trying to focus primarily upon energy, vibration and how we feel pointing towards what our higher self wants for us on this planet… and I love that he points out that God does not want us to search for him or her but to experience life to the fullest.

    1. Having seen the videos, read the article, and seeing him on, he strikes me as the L. Ron Hubbard of Self Realization. How genuine can THAT be?

  5. Thank you so much for this post. He speaks demonic gibberish. Its laughable if it weren’t so sad. The Holy Spirit has given each of us the spirit of discernment. “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”

    1. Ah Jaye… thank you for using this word, discernment.

      Without it, discussions such as these descend into nonsense (everything is ok because nothing exists/the mirror merely reflects what is in you (aka, it takes one to know one, as in, if you are saying this about X teacher, it is because it’s your problem; ad nauseum).

      I don’t think it is written anywhere that we must abandon our powers of discernment, observation, and common sense when it comes to spiritual teachers. And if we don’t like what we see, and we keep a civil tongue in our head, it is helpful for others if we report on what we experience. Just like Shawn has done here.

      If we don’t make reports, we end up with people like Sogyal Rinpoche, Andrew Cohen, Marc Gafni, or Richard Baker Roshi (just to grab a few names out from the past) acting out their destructive whims. By their actions, shall they be known…

    2. Thank you. I thought it was demonic gibberish as well. And in those photographs, who are those audience members who are old enough to “know better”? I’m surprised. If they need this something-or-other so much, there are safer methods out there. Even to join a car club. It might keep them living in reality. Not that thing the so-called teachers call Reality. The reality of things that you can touch. I mean actual reality, the thing that’s right in front of them.

  6. If his words are pointing me to a place that resonates and it doesn’t feel manipulative I am open until something changes.

  7. Bentinho has the beguiling power of the Guru. He behaves like Krisna and the gopis. Literally. There are flocks of beautiful young women who follow him. I even see some of them defending him here in these comments. This is what the Guru desires. It’s easy to see that he is selfish. No master ever points to himself.

    1. aidawedo ~ spot on observation … “no (true enlightened) Master ever points to themself” … that’s because they understand the true nature of ‘self’. Bentinho is a spiritual ‘baby’ but all such ‘babies’ have a choice ~ they can choose the path of ‘insta’ fame and following ~ or ~ they can choose the ‘Spiritual’ path. One day Bentinho may realise that he has not yet even stopped onto that path. I hope he gets to it. In the meantime, lets be glad that he works to shine the light as what enlightenment is not ~ that in itself is a way of showing others how far they have come.

  8. It’s pretty impossible for a lot of people not to need to be led. It’s impossible for some people not to need to lead. It’s really sad that both parties will inevitably come crashing down at some point. This chap will have a few more years playing the game of guru and depending how he played it, the crash will be very painful. Just look carefully at him. Does he really look secure? Solid. Or are the cracks already beginning to show.
    Real enlightenment is knowing your own truth. Not someone else’s. sit down and breath. The real revolution has begun. Enlightenment has no followers and no leaders. Boom!

  9. He is saying many correct things. His problem is he is still very ego identified so thus he casts himself as special. I do feel if he is able to be authentic throughout his journey he can only really aid those who are going along their paths in similar situations. I do not believe he has manipulative intentions. He just still has belief in his small self. I have noticed it clearly the times I listened to him. This is what you are picking up on for why to avoid. The truth is many people may want to listen to them when like him they too still have belief in their small selves. Ultimately each of us will have to go beyond this point. I hope he gets there and brings his audience with him.

  10. Tnx for the commenter who said his parents work in the Netherlands. I think I found his father if he is named Arturo and lives in Limburg. He is a coach. He’s not a guru or doesnt have a big institute. They were not poor, as Benthino states in an interview with Dutch maartje or klaartje from “money = love” or something. His father was working in his youth at the towns council/ government and later as a manager at a big energy company. They were middle class. When BM was about 14-15 his father and mother and him talked at the camping about why they’re here on earth. His father works since BM was around 12-13 as a trainer.

    And about the article: Yes. I agree. A friend send the link. I’m into spirituality, so I watched some talks and was captured by his presence but then I found his content was superficial and I started seeing through his words that are scathered over the web, a rather narcissistic person. Narcissists can be very charming. But well, I guess the universe has its ways. And maybe he is helping others. It seems so.

  11. I always say that Bentinho Massaro will be back at satsangs with Mooji, for example, in no time 🙂
    I just “unfollowed” him on facebook because he provides zero value.

  12. My image of him is this, egoland boy who findout that many people say to him that hi is so wise and he can help others to understand what is all about, but on the way make money and live like new age guru. The best part of his I am is that hi love himself on the outside but hi teach about your inner higher self , hi let the ego to took over after hi get some glimpses of the true. Watching people like him and learn how mind can play game with you even when you play someone who does not give fuck, big show, big show…love

  13. Not only shall the truth set you free, but you should never ever have to pay for it. Truth is not for sale. This selling truth is the American way. If it costs money, it must be worth while. My religion is compassion. My Dharma is selfless service. My ego is in your hands to do as you wish. Vapassana is the great healer. Love is the path. We live that we may learn to love, and we love that we may learn to live. There is no other lesson.

  14. A huge dose of what he says is precisely what was being taught and lectured about by Ram Dass (Dr. Richard Alpert), back in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s fairly straightforward epistemology, with a side order of putative cosmology. Nothing here is horribly wrong, untrue or inaccurate, as far as I can discern. The biggest difference is that Richard Alpert never charged for attending his lectures. Everything was open and free to attend, for anyone and everyone who could fit into the room. And there was never any hawking of Ram Dass merchandise! I was privileged to do some one-on-one work with him in NYC. Again, no charge for anything…ever…although free will donations were always welcomed, to defray the cost of his national and international travels. Ram Dass was (and is) the real thing, in terms of spiritual teachers who also possess tremendous compassion as well as psychological insight. As for Massaro…well…you pay your money and you take your chances…LOL!

  15. What a joke half of these comments are. Money is just something people assign value to. There is no rule that says if you’re enlightened you can’t “play” with money and buy nice things or even charge a certain amount for your services. It doesn’t mean youre attached to it.

  16. When I saw the numerous, disparate hare-brained projects on the Trinfinity web page, I knew the guy had narcissistic personal disorder. The project descriptions were laughable in how they simplified and glossed over accomplishing these widely disparate, costly, and complex projects. For example, the project web page said they had a team of the best engineers all ready to design the Astral Body Projector, a lab, and other technology as soon as the funding was available. Please. His team was a hodgepodge of mostly young naive people with no real background and expertise to launch this corporation. Publishing, real estate, fitness-health, software-tech, tv channel-media, education-curriculum, homeless programs, a city….it was totally nuts and delusional to be asking for donations for these highly improbable, insanely costly projects. It was astounding to observe naive impressed followers posting encouraging comments not grasping how delusional and improbable it all was.

    Fast forward and the whole Boulder office-group fell apart when the funding never materialized, and a deeply depressed Bentinho went to Sedona blaming his inept staff and unsupportive followers for the failure. He then went back to focusing on retreats and teaching as that is what has worked so far for him. He should’ve admitted he’s not Superhuman after all, and that his Trinfinity Corp. projects failed because he and staff lacked the expertise, skills, and experience, and it was hare-brained from the beginning anyway. Period. He presented loads and loads of rationalization, blaming, and crazy making to relieve himself of any fault and to close the gap between reality and fantasy. He said failure was due to his merging with a spiritually, lazy inept staff who he loved and wanted to help, but who held him back. He said his mistake was lowering himself to their human, inept level in order to relate to them. No, it failed because it was deeply delusional from the start, and he was using the staff for cheap or free employment to get Trinfinity Corporation off the ground so he could achieve fame and wealth. He also uses and discards girlfriends rationalizing and crazy making with all this complex, spiritual-babble. I watched this unfold closely and knew then that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and is hell bent on huge wealth, power, and fame. I feel for those caught up in this because once you go down the rabbit hole with someone with narcissistic personality disorder, it can be very VERY tough to disentangle and extricate yourself from the charismatic, seemingly magical parental type person who has created this alternate, special, and exciting reality for you.

  17. Bentinho said he never envisioned himself as a teacher for the rest of his life, and his ultimate calling was to build a spiritual empire that would change the world. He was doing this to be ‘in service to others.’

    The new Trinfinity CEO brought in to ‘save a failing company’ said in an interview that she ‘just knew’ that Trinfinity would go on to ‘change the world’ in huge ways. She recounted these series of synchonsitic miracles that took place that led her from NC to Boulder where she just so happened to meet Bentinho. She said she was living off of her savings because she was so sure that the company was destined to succeed. His friend Cory also blogged that the Trinfinity team was ‘the very best,’ and she ‘knew’ they would achieve huge, monumental things even envisioning herself being friends with Oprah one day.

    Fast forward a few months, and the whole thing fell apart with Bentinho essentially blaming his inept team and stingy followers. Trinfinity’s failure was THE TIPPING POINT where EVERY associate should have taken a clear look at what was going on, and been honest with themselves and others. He claimed to be a highly evolved, master manifester from another realm. Why then didn’t this great being from a higher realm manifest the funds for Trinfinity? Was the vision flawed? Is the higher being not such a powerful manifester after all? Was the higher being’s judgment lacking in some way from entangling himself with human ‘inepts’?

    Bentinho then went to Sedona and picked up the pieces of the whole mess by dreaming up and spinning off a new and improved path to enlightenment based on insights learned during the darkness retreat with his girlfriend. Who paid for the luxury darkness retreat? He also paid for a luxury team retreat in the Caribbean at this time so that the team could reassess. This was a failing ‘company’ that had taken donations from supporters, and used that money to float the company for two months, and here the employees were now licking their wounds on an exotic staff vacation. Weren’t many employees not being paid adequately for their work at this time? Why would funds be spent on an expensive retreat when some workers were not being adequately compensated? They should’ve met in someone’s Boulder living room to reassess. I couldn’t believe how this misappropriation of funds flew right under the radar of naive, zealous followers who cheered him on and sent messages of support while he licked his wounds on an island vacation. Really? It’s very simple. You don’t accept donations to float your operations, fold the company soon thereafter, and then hop on a plane and treat your best friends to a costly vacation essentially on your supporters’ dimes. This sounds like Fyre Festival 1.0. If anyone deserved a darkness retreat, it was the confused, disappointed followers. If Bentinho and Allison wanted a darkness retreat, they should’ve put dark curtains up and a mattress down in a basement in Boulder and pondered the whole mess there.

    Bentinho then came back from this with new, improved spiritual epiphanies including the vision that an investor may soon appear to purchase him a mansion in Sedona. All was well again as there was something ‘epic’ to look forward to. He was the greatest spiritual teacher on the planet, and now his destiny of planetary greatness would be fulfilled in Sedona. The ‘course correction’ had simply been leading up to this.

    That never happened. A rich investor never showed up to buy him a mansion in Sedona. How do he and the followers make sense of once again the higher evolved, advanced being missing the mark? Didn’t he say back in Asheville that he would one day fly? Wasn’t he anticipating an investor to buy him an estate in Asheville when that was the vision of the moment?

    Bentinho can hold retreats and teach because in large part his parents have this same type of self improvement-retreat business, and he had a paradigm for this. Fine. Makes sense. This is often how people get into industries and niches. Their parents do it and it’s what they know. After a few years of being successful with this, he then morphed into CEO. However for this, he lacked the experience, education, and skills to implement his highly complex and grandiose corporate vision. He wasn’t, say, a seasoned MBA from Harvard or Wharton or Elon Musk or Richard Branson who might be ones to pull off the hugely complex, array of daunting entrepreneurial feats outlined on the website.

    Bentinho is surrounded by enablers addicted to, enmeshed with, and financially dependent on him. They should have disbanded when Trinfinity fell apart. It should have been game over. The answers appeared. The truth laid bare.

    The great wizard was merely the man behind the curtain.

    1. Not sure what to think of all these comments, loads of people seem to have a negative perspective of BM . I can understand that mixing the law of Attraction and Non duality is going to rub people the wrong way. Self Actualization tends to be looked down i guess…not spiritual enough probably. I definitely think that he brings something to the landscape, and I think the new generation sort of want that, you know Alien and energy etc…. He discusses loads of stuff other teacher shy away from…and probably makes himself a target as a result. Also, he mentionned Bashar and the law of One…I guess you cannot entirely over packaged something quite neat already.
      What difference with Eckhart Tolle and his TV Channel and his string of books? (I Love E.T by the way)
      To me it is spiritual snobbery… no? maybe a little?

  18. I’m surprised by some of the bad reviews, one even saying, “He speaks demonic gibberish. ”

    What??? All I can think is that either these people were paid to say this or that they simply don’t “speak the language.”

    My brother just visited and noticed that the clock on my wall had stopped. He and many, many others would think it bizarre that I have no intention whatsoever of ever replacing the battery. Seeing beyond time, seeing beyond mind, seeing beyond separate self is gibberish as much as Latin is “demonic gibberish” to one that just does not know the language.

    I truly feel sorry for people that don’t get Bentinho. They are missing a wealth of spiritual knowledge.

    For the ones that don’t get him, here’s one of my favorite quotes from him:

    “Relax your mind for 2 – 5 seconds.”

    Being a computer teacher, I put that into a PowerPoint slide and let it come up every 60 seconds, interspersed with other favorite inspiring and spiritual images.

    That one quote and the reminder to do that often has brought me peace that I have never known before…all that from less than 10 words the man has spoken and he has barely just turned 30.

    He is a treasure, an absolute treasure.

    1. We get Bentinho. We also get Elizabeth Holmes. We get Billy McFarland. We get Jim Jones. Bentinho could be spouting out spiritual truths all day long. Great. Elizabeth Holmes said lots of great things. Jim Jones spouted off some truths. Anna Delvey presented inspirational ideas about her idea for an art space.

      Bentinho has narcissistic personality disorder which means delusions of grandeur despite the spiritual truths that he teaches. His Trinfinity projects, which included an enlightened Bentinho City, exhibited this.

      It all fell apart for Billy. It all fell apart for Jim. It all fell apart for Elizabeth. It all fell apart for Anna. They did not have the skill, experience, or money to implement their delusional, grandiose visions. As narcissists, they simply blame, justify, excuse, and rationalize why their visions failed. Billy has finally admitted his mistakes.

      It fell apart in Boulder for Bentinho because he did not have the skills needed to implement his delusional Trinity vision. He blamed, justified, excused, and rationalized. He has gone back to teaching. Fine. If investors had taken him seriously and given him millions or billions, in due time, his fate would have ended up like the aforementioned others.

  19. in a narrowest possible sample size, BM might be slightly flawed or imperfect, but when you compare BM with the sample size of planet Terra with its range of beings and souls, then you must accept that BM is a rare one and I wish him nothing but the best as he does what so very few dare to do or are capable of doing.

  20. Watching a JP Sears thing I remembered Mr. Massaro. Saw some pictures of him living the high life a while back: fancy cars, cigars, drinks, women is what I remember. Just wondered where he had gone from there.

  21. I’m not going to try to argue my understanding that he’s an obvious narcissist, a reprobate, a moral vacuum, a psychopath or other such. Really if such is not obvious to you you’re – at least at the moment – lost. Whatever awakening you’ve found yourself in, at whatever point of human development you find yourself, something basic is missing in your ethical compass. I don’t have a answer as to how someone deluded enough to not see thru this character could possibly change. Maybe it has something to do with hitting bottom. In any case that’s not my question.

    My question is how much of the game these sociopaths are playing is based on a kind of conscious effort? In the case of guru sociopaths, the number of which have been legion, do they know what they are doing? Like a garden variety sociopath, do they consciously cultivate their charm and glamor as part of their system of control, and how much of this is simply automatic?

    The esoteric question is in the case of guru psychopaths are they victim in turn of higher order spiritual parasites? What really is the exploiting aspect of the cosmos based in, and how much of it is maintained consciously?

    Of course it’s all based in the illusion of the possibility of real separation, our vulnerability to same, and our entraining with same. Which in turn has it’s roots in..well that’s a question to. But how much of this illusion is spread and perpetuated by intention?

  22. Look through the police transcripts investigating the suicide of Bentinho Massaro’s once “inner circle” long-time student Brent Wilkins. While tragedies like this happen all the time, everywhere and to people in all walks of life, the indifference & even worse inference that from Bentinho Massaro & crew that Brent Wilkins wasn’t “high vibration” enough, from which followed disdain & contempt towards Wilkins, that is most shocking. Compassion towards someone who he later claimed to be one of his best friends, to police where his narrative changed completely to one who cared & was grief-stricken, a facade as expressed by others who’d witnessed the treatment of Wilkins, as well as may inconsistencies that the police perceived in Massaro themselves. The only reason he wasn’t charged is because he didn’t directly, physically murder Wilkins. One can measure how Massaro’s actions, from which his followers, did just that, followed, contributed to not just a lack of support but an abundance of disdain, contempt, which one will find hard to deny “broke” any “threads” of reason & value within Wilkins to continue living.

    Looking more into this tragedy can start with the article below but for those inclined, just doing a search on Bentinho Massaro & suicide will open up a whole can of worms.

  23. Why do you care about the way he looks or chooses to dress? Or if he makes money from people who are willing to pay for the infinite universal intelligence available to all of us if we put the work in. We all pay for things that we think will make us feel better. He’s got a speed of understanding that most people envy.

  24. The dude is sick. There’s an Instagram influencer who got sucked in his “cult”, became his girlfriend and came out with PTSD. The stories she has told are terrible. One of them was about him listening to other members’ recount of SA trauma, getting turned on about it and then forcing his gf to re-enact them. wtf.

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