Gary Weber: The science of “No-I”

When the planning committee for the November 2013 TAT Foundation meeting proposed inviting Gary Weber to speak, my reaction was, “who?” He gave a great talk, weaving scientific observations with his experience in meditation, and carrying that fine mix of seriousness and humor that you often find in those who dwell on solid ground. I should not be gary webersurprised that a relatively lesser-known figure turns out to be an authentic pointer towards truth. Not only that, but I really like this photo of Gary Weber because he looks like he’s ready to kick someone’s butt. Continue reading “Gary Weber: The science of “No-I””

Linda Clair: Proving Australia is a spiritual hot spot

A post at our Discussion Boards led me to investigate the Australian spiritual teacher Linda Clair. linda clairAustralia seems a spiritual hot spot and Linda Clair is one of the more intriguing teachers. Her background is in Zen Buddhist and Vipassana practice, but she is not a formal teacher of either tradition. Instead, she crafted a teaching based on her own realization — with an emphasis of meditation on the body. Continue reading “Linda Clair: Proving Australia is a spiritual hot spot”

Bob Fergeson: The practice of Listening Attention

I’ve known Bob Fergeson for nearly twenty years. For a time we both lived on Richard Rose’s farm, suffering the inspiration and ego-deflation came with being near such a teacher. bob fergesonWe both eventually moved from Rose’s farm — Bob moving to Colorado where he continued his search for truth. Here he is speaking of what happened: Continue reading “Bob Fergeson: The practice of Listening Attention”