New this Week: 4/2/2024

Here’s a quick update on what’s new at and elsewhere.

The latest edition of the Journals of Spiritual Discovery podcast features a dive into the new book Message in a Bottle: Reflections on the Spiritual Path with one of the author/contributors.  We touch on dreamwork, Tony Robbins, Richard Rose, self inquiry, and more.  As always, the podcast is free. 

The April 2024 Gathering, titled Look Closer, is fast approaching.  April 12 to 14 in North Carolina, USA. There will be several speakers, as well as Group Inquiry sessions, Rapport, and Meditation Sittings.  It’s a great opportunity to meeting authentic people in an informal and welcoming setting.  For more information, visit

Quote That I’m Pondering
JW: “The weird thing about this [Alzheimer’s disease] is, like you say ‘We lose our minds, and our very selves.’  Who are we?  Like, who are you?  Who am I?  What make me ‘me?’  And if I behave a certain way, when am I not ‘me’ anymore? 
PA: “It’s an interesting question.  Again, it’s a very human question….  A meditator would say ‘We are not our thoughts,’ but on some level we are….” ~Jocko Willink in conversation with Dr. Peter Attia

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