Bentinho Massaro: A spiritual rock star

Could it be that Bentinho Massaro is actually Matt Damon? That sneaking suspicion arose when I saw him in Berkeley in May 2012, and now… well, see for yourself in the photos! Don’t let his 20-something looks and Dutch accent fool you — Damon is a masterful actor.

matt damon

Okay, I’m kidding, but I did see Bentinho bentinho massaroMassaro in Berkeley and left with this impression: he is not ready for prime-time.

Bentinho began the evening with a few minutes of silence, then took an exhaustive period of time convincing everyone how exhausted they were:

Feel how tired you are. If you don’t, you won’t desire the simplicity of being…. You feel responsible for the state of the world. See how tiring that is…. You are exhausted.

He spent fifteen minutes in various descriptions of how tired we were [my contrarian nature happened to feel great that evening] before shifting to his main point:

What if there is nothing else to think about? Existence is right here…. What if there is nothing to do; no responsibility? Notice what remains naturally: the presence of consciousness, of existing. Without this, nothing else is, therefore everything else is it.

Shift attention to what is: that I exist. Increase your awareness of your exhaustion…. Notice how you are already awareness…. See how tired you are and relax.

In my notes that evening, I scrawled, “He’s pointing to a more elegant way of being in the world, but not to discovering what is beyond it.” Bentinho has a great smile; simple, pure, and direct are adjectives applied to his teaching. Yet, simple isn’t always wise. He could just be a nice guy who has had some insights, but not gone deeply into the heart of the matter.

Just exist, be, see….

Interestingly, about an hour and a half into the talk, he was asked a question by a woman struggling to understand one of his points. The was a definite change in his talk at that point. He drifted into a long monologue about even existence needing a source and how that source was indescribable. “Indescribability sources everything,” he said. At first, I thought he was breaking out of the usual “just be aware” patter that I hear from most non-duality teachers, and he was to a degree. However, it was as if he’d read about the “indescribable” and was talking about an idea he didn’t really understand. His language circled back on itself, contradicted itself, and left me feeling he was musing rather than speaking the truth.

After this unexpected detour into an uncertain source behind awareness, Bentinho returned to focusing on the act of experiencing and led the group into what seemed an impromptu guided meditation. He closed his eyes and said:

Rest as existing. [he took a slow, deep breath]
Relax as consciousness. Awareness is aware of itself. Relax even that. Consciousness itself is an experience. You cannot be whatever you see.

Then he repeated variations of these words for a long time. So much so, that I felt he was trying to fill the minutes till the 9:00 PM finish.

Since that talk, however, Bentinho Massaro grew up and became a motivational speaker! Or, rather, became a spiritual motivational speaker. And very, very slick. He now has the Trinfinity Academy with a 14 day free trial, and “no credit card needed needed until the end of your trial.” Don’t ask about the price, however, because that will not be revealed until later. It is clear Bentinho Massaro has become a spiritual rock star (in fact you can watch him dance to the beat on the intro video to the Academy). Bentinho already has two facilitators handling private coaching based on his teachings. If you are interested in exalting the ego, Bentinho is for you.

For the official Bentinho Massaro page, visit Better yet, visit the super slick Trinfinity Academy where a monthly fee gets you access to the “Online School for Enlightenment and Empowerment.”

January 2017 update: And it gets even better.  Bentinho is now going to save the entire planet!  He’s waived the fee for the Trinfinity Academy and had much bigger fish to fry.  Check out his uber-ambitious plan to save everyone and everything: Trifinity Projects

Here is video of the new Bentinho Massaro:

18 thoughts on “Bentinho Massaro: A spiritual rock star”

  1. There has been so much “law of attraction” teaching in the past few decades, and each generation takes it a little further. If you limit your information/inspiration to only “spiritual” teachers, it can be hard to implement. When you include in your explorations the work of physicists and other scientists, you begin to find that there are many complex correlations, scientifically verified, to the simplistic term, “law of attraction”. Bentinho’s teachings have grown and evolved, and as a person who has explored this area of study for a very long time, I think he’s onto something. But the best proof is your own personal experience. Try the things he suggests and see if your life changes. Remaining skeptical, critical, and judgmental will probably not result in much improvement in your life – and that is why you went to see him in the first place, right?

    1. Hi Stella, Yours is a very good point. For those interested in the law of attraction, or “improvement” in their life, Bentinho might be of some help. But no, that is not why I went to see Bentinho. I went to see what he knows of the source of life and awareness, and what is beyond the personality, beyond death. That depth is clearly what he lacks.

      1. With all due respect, and from my gentlest, nudging, loving space . . . how can you possibly discern what Bentinho, or anyone else for that matter “knows of the source of life an awareness?” There is only one way . . . and that is if we acknowledge that every perception is a mirror. From that space, then could it be that Bentinho is mirroring the depth that you lack? And from the same space, I must acknowledge and thank you for bringing my skeptic and judge to the surface and into the light. Namaste, friend.

        1. Thanks for the comment Gracie. Without discernment, we are doomed to follow first one dead end and then another. You have to develop the capacity this capacity, and you do that through living a life of honesty and focusing your energy. If a frying pan is headed on a collision course with your face, it will do you no good to claim it is simply a mirror. Similarly, there are certain people it behooves us avoid.

  2. Bentinho is a fraud plain and simple. While he has obviously done the homework, he is far from an enlightened being. A little google searching will yield you some insight into his history of building empire. His parents do the same thing in the Netherlands. He is nothing more than a smooth talker who has taken the teachings of others (watch a little Bashar) and touted them as his own. True enlightenment is something that one discovers for him or herself. The body mind, if you will. This is usually a gradual unfolding of the realization that there is no self. While I’m sure the sense of community is wonderful for what it is, the woo woo crowd will find it difficult to ever reach the goal…because there isn’t one. As long as Betinho and these other charlatans keep hawking enlightenment the illusion of the self will be perpetuated and the seeking will continue. Why do you think humans often end up “seeking” for 20-30 years?

    1. When one has met an enlightened being in ones life it seems that 99 percent of spiritual teachers out there are only somewhere along the way by comparison HOWEVER having said that not everyone recognizes an enlightened being and
      in addition most of us (myself included) am ill equipped to TRULY judge another’s stage. All teachers have their place. I have my own rule of thumb, if someone charges for spiritual teachings I assume they are teachers rather than completely spiritually aware. Having said that I can say I really know nothing only what has shaken my own own soul and what has not. It is a mystery. Oh I do have one other rule of thumb: If a teacher expresses strong political preferences they have a ways to go no matter how good they sound.

  3. This is truly an extraordinary man. Whether one agrees with everything he says, he is the embodiment of his teaching. I’ve never known anyone as transparent and authentic. Speaking for myself and my family and the people I have met at his retreats, I can say with conviction that our appreciation of life has been greatly improved because of him.

      1. Oh my god, how absolutely horrific!!! What an awful, naive and terrible vision!!! So…nothing needs fixing, saving, restoring etc. Even if true, are you willing to continue following the infinite traces of your own mind in order to perpetuate your need to feel right or righteous? I am not a follower of Mr. B’s, however, your “guidance” lands like an authoritarian, old school slap in the face of anything or anyone who might be generating a less than perfected version of a way towards freedom. I celebrate and support your questioning and I celebrate and support his. Consensual application of any theory is always the big clue. Perhaps trusting that many of us can make up our minds to “join” this, that or t’other would be delicious. Just saying…

  4. I have really enjoyed the simplicity of what Bentinho is saying. Yep, of course he is rehashing what others have said but he is also dropping unnecessary complexities from the same teachers. He is trying to focus primarily upon energy, vibration and how we feel pointing towards what our higher self wants for us on this planet… and I love that he points out that God does not want us to search for him or her but to experience life to the fullest.

  5. Thank you so much for this post. He speaks demonic gibberish. Its laughable if it weren’t so sad. The Holy Spirit has given each of us the spirit of discernment. “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”

  6. If his words are pointing me to a place that resonates and it doesn’t feel manipulative I am open until something changes.

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