New this Week: 7/1/2021

Here’s a quick update on what’s new at and elsewhere.

The Induction Series continues with a selection from William Samuel titled “The World is After the Fact” from his book The Child Within Us Lives! I’m not too familiar with Samuel’s work, so I owe thanks to a listener who recommended this piece. It’s at once simple but multi-layered, compassionate, yet unrelenting. Listen to my reading of The World is After the Fact — another example of a work infused with the “living word” of its author.  As always, the podcast is free. 

The August TAT gathering is… not virtual!  It’s a live, on-the-ground gathering at the TAT Center titled “Love, Friendship, and the Return Home” Join other seekers on August 13-15 for what is bound to be a moving weekend of insightful talks, small group dialogue, and panel discussions. As well as the magic of meeting in person. See the full schedule

Book That’s Changing Me
Nonviolent Communication: a language of life, by Marshall Rosenberg grabbed my daily attention with its absolute dedication to meeting interior and exterior violence with inquiry. “Violence” defined as encompassing blame, criticisms, comparisons, all forms of judgment. If you’re looking for the latest “hit” of nondual one-ness, this is not the book. But if you want some inspiring real-world, real-feeling, honest looking at what’s happening in your interior world, this might be a light to help you dive deeper.  

Quote That I’m Pondering
“First, I believe every person is conducting an experiment of one. We all have different backgrounds, needs, goals and abilities. I would never blindly follow anyone else’s diet or training regimen, and I don’t expect anyone to blindly follow mine. That’s why I always try to explain not only ‘how’ I eat or train, but ‘why’ as well. That’s so readers can understand and evaluate my methods, weigh my advice. I expect you to take what rings true, makes sense – most of it, hopefully – and adapt it to your special situation. Leave the rest..” ~ Clarence Bass dispensing wise advice on fitness that is 100% applicable to the spiritual search.

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