New this Week: 5/28/2021

Here’s a quick update on what’s new at and elsewhere.

The Induction Series continues with a selection titled “How it Works” from Bernadette Roberts’ The Experience of No-Self.  She quickly dives deep into the paradox of the unmanifested, manifesting, and manifested.  Listen to my reading of the short, but powerful “How it Works” — another example of a work infused with the “living word” of its author.  As always, the podcast is free. 

The June TAT virtual gathering is titled “The Way, The Life and The Truth: Essential Steps on the Threefold Path.”  Join other seekers from around the world on June 12 and 13 for an exploration of the essential steps to spiritual discovery as outlined by Richard Rose.  Rose said, “I feel that a sincere seeker, who possessed the determination to find the Truth at any cost, suffering, or expenditure of energy, would most certainly find the Truth, if he followed the threefold path with an open mind.” So, you know, that sounds like it might be worth a listen….  Featuring talks and small group dialogue sessions.  See the full schedule

Quote That I’m Pondering
“Forgiveness is giving up hope of a different or better yesterday.” ~ The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W. James and Russell Friedman  

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