New this Week 4/16/2021

Here’s a quick update on what’s new at and elsewhere.

Website News
To welcome spring, Pattiann Rogers provided both a poem and prose piece to update her webpage on the site. “Watching rain raining on a lake or pond is mesmerizing. Few can turn quickly from the sight of raindrops striking in chaotic randomness every part of the surface of the water, then immediately losing themselves as they merge into the whole and disappear as separate entities.” Read more on the Pattiann Rogers page

Event – redux
If you missed it the first time, catch my poetry reading with coauthor Phaedra Greenwood at SOMOS.  If words and space can pass truth, these certainly did: Hydroglyphics book launch.  As a bonus, you’ll see me try to disguise eight months without a haircut….

Check out Shawn Feeney’s Thin Places — “music written for quartz singing bowls,” contemplative, yes.  

InZincht magazine published a guest column by me on Bernadette Roberts. The fact that it’s in Dutch only makes it slightly less intelligible for the English reader….

Quote That I’m Pondering
“Either I get honest or nothing is going to change.” ~Chris L.   

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