New this Week: 12/13/2020

Here’s a quick update on what’s new at and elsewhere.

The latest edition of the Journals of Spiritual Discovery podcast was inspired by Richard Rose’s Lecture of Questions.  Powerful and literally life-changing, I thought it worthwhile to record, add new questions, and create a Lecture of Questions – Revisited.  The reading is also set to video if you want to view it on YouTube.  As always, the podcast is free. 

New Books this Year
It was a busy year at the TAT Foundation Press with my Hydroglyphics: Reflections on the Sacred published in the spring, followed with Falling For Truth by Howdie Mickoski and Sense of Self by Art Ticknor  Read more about them at the website. Please show your support by purchasing a copy and leaving a review on Amazon. Thanks!

Allegheny Elegies, a contemplative new folk album by Isaac Hill.  Thoughtful lyrics accompanied by guitar.  Perhaps a nice gift for someone on your Christmas list.  Listen to it for free on Bandcamp and decide if you want to buy.

A Note from a Visitor
We are in the world with a lot of dismay at this time. My senses tell me that what’s happening is not good. I know on my own spiritual journey I have to go through the bad in order to get to the good and that always has been true in my life.
In this time 2020  I find myself isolated from my friends and family without resolve. Funny feeling like I have have done something wrong.
Fires are burning destroying life, COVID 19, all lives matter, family tension, business suffering, poverty, homelessness, isolated in a new world, and politics. 
I am writing to you today because I need to find solutions for our current events. I have been a helper my whole life and have no idea what I’m supposed to do next. I cry everyday for all life: my intentions are good.
I am writing to you hoping that my greetings can be forwarded to spiritual leaders or will be published in letter to the editor.
Catherine (  

Quote That I’m Pondering
“It’s a gift to find the thing that inspires you, even if it’s sad.” ~ Clint Mansell

Wishing you all the best,

How many words must I use
to tell you but one thing —
the empty page contains All.

Like this poem?  Find more in Images of Essence, my book from the TAT Press.

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