Mother Meera

Mother Meera is known to thousands all over the world. I am told she is an avatar: someone born enlightened. A friend whose opinion I respect visited Mother and reported a lasting change in his perspective. In dire need of inspiration, I recruited another desperate friend and we booked a flight to Germany.

mother_meeraMother gives darshan in silence. One kneels in front of her (pranam) at which time she helps the soul, then looks into her eyes (darshan) which helps the personal life. Neither my friend nor I saw or felt anything unusual after attending seven darshans, nor did we notice any effects in the following weeks or months (as some devotees suggested we would). Perhaps we are spiritually dense.

There is a lot of controversy over Meera. Andrew Harvey’s Hidden Journey and Martin Goodman’s In Search of the Divine Mother are third-party accounts. I observed an obvious inner circle of devotees who do their best to create a holy atmosphere around Meera. Everyone tries to act very pious and reverential as they wait like cattle for their turn at darshan. Meera doesn’t talk for well-explained reasons, but silence is often a cover for lack of wisdom rather than an indication of enlightenment. There is no charge for darshan, but rumors of expensive properties and possessions abound.

Visiting Mother Meera was an expensive and disappointing trip for me. She fails my test of logic and feeling. My theory is that from an early age she was told she is an avatar. Much like the young Tibetans who are raised to believe they are reincarnated llamas, she believes she is an avatar. Mother Meera seems like a nice, sincere person, has little to offer a seeker of Truth. Save yourself a trip and bow before the God in your neighbor or within you, instead.

Here is a video that accurately captures what I found in Mother Meera:

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