Daniel Ingram Interview

Daniel Ingram is author of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha and a leading proponent of Buddhism as a practical path to enlightenment in this lifetime.  He’s played a key role in keeping Buddhism vital and accessible while also grounded in the core teachings.  If you’re on a Buddhist path or thinking about exploring such, you’ll be well served by this interview of Daniel Ingram.

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    1. Hi Antonio,
      I think you’re too fast for me! I was likely still editing the page. I didn’t realize anyone could find it yet since I haven’t link to it on the podcast page. All the audio links should be updated now.

  1. What an inspirational guy! Incredibly busy, as most people are nowadays, but still finds time to help others. It’s refreshing to hear from a Buddhist master that says that full realization is possible in this lifetime. Thanks for creating this Shawn, I appreciate your website and the work that goes into it.

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