Guidelines for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

My ratings of teachers cover a tiny portion of the people you will choosing a spiritual teacherencounter. What is needed are some guidelines for choosing a spiritual teacher to facilitate your own evaluations. Some people argue that you are in no position to judge someone with a superior perspective, or that in matters of the spirit, all turns out for the best. However, there are teachers and groups whose only lesson is seemingly for sharpening your judgment.

Chance will be your introduction, and reason and intuition must be your guides.


Here are some issues to consider before choosing a spiritual teacher or system: Continue reading “Guidelines for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher”

What is Enlightenment?

“What is enlightenment, no, I mean really, like what is it?”
by Steven Norquist

Many friends and family have been after me for some time to write about my experience and understanding of this topic. I have hesitated to write about it not because enlightenment itself is so hard to describe, but because enlightenment tends to make one quite lazy. Before my change I was a busy beaver, reading and writing and playing music and sports and really actively getting out there. But after “the change” as I call it, there was a clear vision of how silly all this activity was and how much incredible effort is required to perform it. Continue reading “What is Enlightenment?”