Instead of indulging in mere speculation, devote yourself here and now to the search for the Truth that is ever within you. Ramana Maharshi

Spirituality is the search for the profound within us. This site is a timesaving guide to one aspect of the spiritual search: the search for a spiritual teacher. We hope this teacher will guide us to the goal: Enlightenment, the Absolute, Truth, Reality, the Self, God, Oneness, Satori, Nirvana -- the place we know to be our true Home.

This spiritual search guide is designed to save you time. It is a condensation of my experience in searching for spiritual teachers and systems: the results of my logic and feeling. My search has not been for pleasure or temporary peace. If that is your goal, then you probably won't like my ratings of teachers that cater to that market. I am drawn to teachers who force me to look within and ask: who am I, where did I come from, and where am I going? To pursue these questions is the greatest adventure of one's life.

What's New

3/28/14: Added Gary Weber to the Ratings page.
2/8/14: Added a review of the documentary Kumare.
12/5/13: Updated the Paul Hedderman page with a new documentary of his teaching.
11/14/13: Added Ben and the Dragon to the Spiritual Books for Children page.
6/29/13: Andrew Cohen issues a public apology and takes a hiatus from teaching.
Added a new page with a few spiritual films you can watch right now by downloading or streaming rental. Not that you couldn't wait....
4/25/13: Jed McKenna published a new book: Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything: The Enlightened Perspective
3/17/13: Added a new article: In Defense of the Small — a call to a simpler and more free way of being in this world.

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