I read your article about him and you asked for first hand experience.

I came to hear about [U.G.] through the internet while I was searching some book of J. Krishnamurthi for my mother. And I found someone called U.G. Krishnamurti. So I send a mail somewhere in India to one who is close to him and told me he was in Gstaad in Switzerland for 3 months. So I packed my car and spend a holiday of 1 week there (very nice and quiet region). Although I know that the words of any teacher or guru is of any help to me I felt strongly attracted to meet him. In fact just to meet him. The question I asked was not important. I just invented one question to be a bit in his company.

There are 3 things I noticed.
1. He has gone through this famous transformation people call Kundalini experience, moksha, enligthenment or whatsoever. He calls it calamity (a rather stupid word). I felt it because of the pain and the fear in my body. You know deeply in yourself that you can not betray such people nor take them as fools.
They are beyond dead. We are all scared of dead at least our body. And it is like if such people have undergone a certain dead but their body survived and they still function in this society. Anyway don't expect deep answers of your question. No answer from whomsoever will satisfy you. But I know one thing now. If that guy did it everybody can do it. You just need the guts in the right moment.

2. Despite his 82 years he seemd to be like a young boy. That was quite impressive.

3. Most of the people who surrounded him (they were around 8 when I was there) were these classical stupid spiritual seekers. They think to be a little bit special because they are with this U.G. which in their eyes is like a Anti-Guru, non comformist. But they are like these stupid teenage girls who follow Pop Stars. My God I ask myself how this guy (U.G.) can support them. (I think he gets rid of his anger and tensions by treating them as shit and kidding them. He is clever. He knows they are dependant of him and follow him wherever he goes because of his attraction and so he gets food, shelter and travel expenses paid).

Elsewise nothing has changed in me. You know, I met 2 such people. Sai Baba of India and this guy. You can't find people who are more distinct by their speeches then these 2 but they have undergone the same physical and psychological transformation. I tried to follow Sai Baba and entered almost into madness by following his teachings. I thought to become a "good" person but in fact I did go further away of my character and my basic instincts until I had to go to a psychiatrist.

Now I follow only my instincts but it will still lead me nowhere. I know it. The situation is in fact desperate. But at least I do not have any hopes and beliefs anymore that some teacher, guru or I don't know which pimp will help me through life. And that comforts me.

Nicola Nigro