Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Inner Light

Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Inner Light” (Episode 225, Season 5, 1992)

If nostalgia is the language of the soul, then “The Inner Light” is the essential soul-uplifting episode of Star Trek TNG.  Upon encountering an alien probe, Captain Picard collapses unconscious on the deck of the Enterprise. While unconscious for only 25 minutes, he finds himself living 30 years of another life on a planet doomed to destruction by its dying sun. After many years, life as captain of the Enterprise is a distant memory, but what will happen when he dies? A poignant and mind-bending episode that makes me weepy every time.

Thanks to Amazon, you can now watch “The Inner Light” as a single episode rather than purchasing the entire season:

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  1. This really lived up to the hype. Lots of food for thought for everyone, especially spiritual seekers. When should I treat this world as real? When not? What do I know about reality? What will bring me meaning? Is it possible for me to find what I am looking for on my own? Thank you for recommending such a great episode.

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