Sarlo's Guru Ratings Service-more ratings of teachers and useful links.

Jerry Katz's Nonduality Salon-paradise for the Advaita crowd.

Duncan Watson's Guru's and Master Pages-brief biographies and links to teachers.

The Mystic Missal-solid advice for the spiritual seeker. Also, check out the monthly newsletter at The Monthly Missal

The TAT Forum-the online journal of the TAT Foundation. Essays, poetry, even a little humor each month from classic and new voices on the spiritual scene.

The Self Discovery Portal-a variety of topics including a Sanskrit glossary, the Diamond Sutra text, information on the Ch'an masters of ancient China, and details on the Philosophical Self-Inquiry Group which meets in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Deathclock-not exactly a resource, but a darn effective reminder that time is slipping away. Plug in your date of birth and receive a countdown of how many seconds you have left to live.

Poetry Chaikhana -a website devoted to sacred poetry from around the world. Features poems from nearly 200 ancient through contemporary poets.

Many thanks to the following sites that have exchanged links with us: Gorgeous site for spiritual photography, "to try to convey the timeless feeling of essence through photographs." MetaPleroma is a spiritual portal whose objective is to empower those who wish to learn about Western and Eastern traditions. Discussions are open to all spiritually established paths, philosophy and metaphysics, empirical psychology and holistic medicine, art, literature, poetry and music. Contains a forum, library, and links page.

The Path to No Path: A small, personal site written with honesty. The author says, "My aim is to share with you something of what I have learned so far in this life, things that perhaps may be of interest to you, and perhaps even useful to you."

Spiritual Experiences and Spirituality: articles about spiritual and religious experiences, the study of spirituality, enlightenment and spiritual teachers. Also has a quotes section from famous teachers and another section for people to share their spiritual experiences.

Eagle Literary Foundation: a site in the spirit of Vernon Howard, Guy Finley, and others. Features spiritual books, movies, quotes, websites, etc., and allows registered users to rate them. A funky site "where science and religion meet common sense."

Spiritual Books Worth Reading: The title says it all. a repository of rare essays, articles, discourses and transcriptions for seekers who are serious about discovering their Self. Dennis Waite's site. One of the premier sites regarding advaita philosophy. Info on Richard Rose and links to a few other spiritual sites.

Being More I AM: A website devoted to helping people to Be all that they Are in God and More through self-transcendence.

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