David Scoma Interview

If you think you are ready for serious spiritual work, sit with this hardcore David Scoma interview and see if you are still interested.

If you think you are ready for serious spiritual work, sit with this hardcore David Scoma interview and see if you are still interested.

Stop seeing through the faulty filters you’ve been looking through all your life.

David Scoma is one of the hardest-working spiritual teachers I know.  Visit David Scoma’s justperception.net for more information.

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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode

  • The beginning of David’s spiritual search. [01:49]
  • The Dark Night of the Senses and looking into monastic life. [10:41]
  • The Dark Night of the Spirit and the Dark Night of the Soul. [18:25]
  • The end of the spiritual search and the beginning of a new life story. [36:45]
  • Avoiding comparisons of spiritual experiences. How beliefs become blocks. [43:00]
  • The trigger of death. [45:15]
  • “David” is just an idea. This is not a neo-Advaita mind game.  This is death. [47:45]
  • Maps tend to end at the unitive state. [50:14]
  • The death of the one who cares. [56:30]
  • Misconceptions about enlightenment. [1:02:00]
  • Relationships [1:07:45]
  • Having the time to be a spiritual teacher. [1:14:30]
  • Core practices. [1:24:20]
  • Students who have come to the end of their search. [1:33:25]
  • Charging for teaching. [1:37:10]
  • What is transmission? [1:45:20]
  • I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj [1:54:13]
  • Ramana Maharshi‘s writings [1:55:00]
  • The Real Christ by Bernadette Roberts [1:55:44]
  • The film American Beauty [1:57:50]
  • Lessons on motive and intent from Into the Wild and No Country for Old Men [1:58:50]
  • Terance Malick’s The Tree of Life [2:00:30]
  • The most spiritual film ever aimed at a young audience: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [2:01:20]
  • The fall from grace as shown in Batman Begins [2:02:57]
  • What is “inquiry”? [2:04:40]
  • The truth is unbelievably simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. [2:11:25]

11 thoughts on “David Scoma Interview”

  1. For anyone so moved to work with David Scoma,as I was,I would unequivocally endorse him as an invaluable guide/resource/mentor in the deconstruction of the character/ego and the potentiation, through induction, for a final answer if the Universe so moves.
    I came upon David s website years ago and began working with him more directly several months ago.
    My experience with David affirms what I ve stated above and brought decades of seeking to a conclusion.

  2. Great Interview! The dark night discussion in particular I find very rich. It was actually David’s discussion of the nights elsewhere that led me to start working with him one-on-one, which has been a tremendously valuable experience. He’s equal parts the “real deal” and completely down to Earth, which is refreshing, to say the least. Thanks for sharing this episode!

  3. Thanks for this interview David. I think what is most helpful for me is the unflinching look at the real cost of this process. The requirement for brutal self-honesty and the description of the death of the self most of all. You put the issues right in the face of the listener.

  4. I had the pleasure of participating in an intimate weekend retreat led by David Scoma a few months ago. I was impressed with the clarity and simplicity and matter of fact manner that he was able to facilitate the group. His teaching is profound and his ability to communicate and connect with the participants was impactful. It was a very special weekend and I would highly recommend spending time working with David if given the opportunity.

  5. Great interview. And a very accurate account of what it’s like working with David. To anyone who it isn’t obvious to already, I can attest first hand that David is the real deal. As I’ve said elsewhere, David has an incredibly rare combination of qualities: a devastating ability to see past illusion, a kind and generous heart, a razor-sharp intellect, a sincere humility, and, most importantly, a profound understanding of what it actually takes to encounter Truth. Working with David is not easy, but no other human being I’ve personally encountered–no teacher, therapist, guru, or guide– has come close to giving me what David has given me: a direct path to Truth.

  6. I came across David’s site around 2010, in a time when I hadn’t been a seeker for too long. This was fortunate, I believe, cause he has you look hard at the reasons why you might be interested in the first place. However, at that time, I still probably didn’t take as good a look as was emphasized.

    David is all too familiar with the ways we con and deceive ourselves, and only relentless self-scrutiny will let you know to what degree. From working with David I can now say that it has exceeded expectations. The level of personal interest he has taken in me as a seeker makes me want to be real honest about my own commitment. I get the impression that he reads you very well – we’re you may be at, and what areas you have to look deeper into.

    On a couple of occasions I’ve been tempted to jump ahead, thinking that I’m ready for that next step, but David – being very diligent and sincere – invariably brings me back to reality and the work at hand.

    I further sense that there is some intuitive dynamic in place when working with David. He seems to tune in to whatever doubts or fears that is present in me, and sets the pace for the work accordingly. I don’t ever feel that I need to raise any objections, while still feeling confident about asking him for clarification or adjustments in the ongoing process.

    Other than that I feel David is very good-natured, friendly and offers many different angles to how one might want to approach spiritual work.
    The interview provides a good picture of his scope of wisdom and of the teaching tools David utilize. In this talk I think the part about the death-trigger really left me contemplate certain aspects some more. A bit further into that particular discussion – the portion about ‘death of the one who cares’ – is also very interesting. I like how the episode has a time-table for the various topics.

    Thanks both of you guys

  7. Knew nothing about DS and had never heard of him. But I have to say that I was greatly impressed. He speaks from a place of deep insight in very pragmatic and approachable terms. I imagine working with him would be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. .

  8. When I came upon this beautiful interview, a striking resonance was felt within, and I reached out to David to begin the process of working with him. There are no words to describe the deepest nature of this work with David, yet I shall attempt to here. David is a true teacher; he is arrestingly clear and intuitive and brilliant. His presence and insight are searing and stark and exquisitely loving. His contemplative material is endlessly rich and deep, and combined with his very personal care and generous attention, a most fertile ground is provided in which Truth may be remembered and realized. If you feel moved to work with David, I cannot recommend him highly enough. I honor and respect him greatly, as one who is a blazing embodiment of Truth, and secondary to that, I have found the David ‘person’ to be utterly impeccable in his expression of this that he is.

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