New this Week – 1/25/2019

The latest edition of the Journals of Spiritual Discovery podcast features Eshwar Segobind who may very well get an award for fastest path to awakening.  “Clear and Simple” is how one listener described him.

Also, you might have missed Episode 18, a guided meditation I created based on a passage from the play Our Town.

For you Josephy Sadony fans, I added a couple of YouTube videos of Sadony’s son and grandsons.  No great insights there, but it’s fun from a historical perspective.  See them on the Sadony page.

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New this Week: 9/11/2018

The latest edition of the Journals of Spiritual Discovery podcast features “Thoughts on Richard Rose and the Spiritual Life,” an interview with Michael Casari.  As always, the podcast is free.

New Book
Many of you know I’m very involved with the TAT Foundation Press.  I’m happy to report that our latest title is available — Awake at the Wheel: Norio Kushi’s Highway Adventures and the Unmasking of the Phantom Self.  Norio was a past guest on the podcast, and the book does not disappoint.  Read more about it at the website. Please show your support by purchasing a copy and leaving a review on Amazon.  Thanks!

Quote That I’m Pondering
“If you want direct mind, you have to avoid technology.” ~ Richard Rose.
Wondering what “direct mind” is?  Listen to this month’s podcast.

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“Where are you going?”
whispers the wind.
Wrap yourself in the cloak of the world
and heap logs upon the fire,
for night, partner of the wind, fast approaches.
Turn your head no longer,
Welcome wind and night.

Like this poem?  Find more in Images of Essence, my book from the TAT Press.

New this Week: 6/24/2018

A new podcast episode is here at last!  One of my favorite poets, Pattiann Rogers, is my guest on the Journals of Spiritual Discovery Podcast.

Also of note, sign up now for the TAT Foundation’s August Workshop: Beyond Imagination.  TAT ‘s events are a spectacular way to meet new friends and get exposed to some of the most interesting spiritual teachers.

Lastly, check out my no-b.s. book Subtraction: the Simple Math of Enlightenment.  As one Amazon reviewer said: “I hate writing reviews so I’ll keep it simple: Highly Recommended.”